What to do when you feel like you’re getting no where.

(Photo source flickr.com , photographer dbgg1979 - see this page for full attribution details: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/
(Photo source flickr.com , photographer dbgg1979 – see this page for full attribution details: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/)

I had an interesting experience today. I walked outside after work to walk across campus to the gym.

And it was cold.

Granted, it will get much colder before the year’s end, but I just wasn’t having it. You know what I mean? So back inside I went.

“Why am I going to the track when my work space is basically one big circle?” I thought.

So around and around I began.

Granted, this probably isn’t a good practice for every day after work. Could get weird. But as I went around and around, the irony wasn’t lost on me.

There are many articles which reference how millennials can often get tired of feeling stuck or like they aren’t advancing quickly enough.

I don’t think it’s an uncommon thing to be a recent graduate (or an older one for that matter) and wonder “What am I doing here? I feel like I’m going in circles and getting NO WHERE!”  (I’m thankful I don’t feel that way in my current work, but I have indeed known this feeling before).

I huffed and puffed my way through that office, and couldn’t believe how much of a work out I was getting and yet…by the end, I was in the same place!

Sometimes in internships or first time jobs, it’s easy to get discouraged with making copies, running errands, or doing basic “grunt work” that you wish someone else was doing. You look around and think, “I’m not getting anywhere!”

It’s in those moments that you should notice the sweat on your brow. The way your muscles feel tired in a good way.

You may not be going anywhere, but you’re building something. You’re building you. Character. Experience. Endurance.

You’re building way more than you know.

So next time you feel like you can’t possibly go in another circle…just remember that maybe it’s just the quad work out your career needs.


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