The one in which we address freaking out…

So while I originally set out to talk only about those topics which are relevant to one’s first job out of college, let’s be real for a moment. We can’t really talk about the transition from college to work without addressing the fact that the actual finding of a job after college is a pretty anxiety producing experience for most of us.

So that’s why I will be dedicating some posts to talking about that in between sort of place.

Meet Happy Graduate Person.

Happy Grad 1

While the above is how he appears to family and friends. This may be how he is actually feeling…

scared grad

He may be freaking out a bit because suddenly, he feels the pressure to figure out his whole life.

He may feel like this:

car going toward cliff

As a result he may do this…

computer search

And at family gatherings, something like this might happen…

uncomfortable grad

uncomfortable grad 2uncomfortable grad 3

uncomfortable grad 4uncomfortable grad 5uncomfortable grad 6 uncomfortable grad 7

The problem is, situations like this, only serve to create more anxiety, inflating the search for a job into a seemingly impossible to scale mountain.

Job Mountain

And sometimes, it even seems like the “job” is taunting you.

Job Mountain 2

Here’s the good news.

It’s not a gigantic and impossible to climb mountain.

Like I previously stated, the anxiety for the job search can cause one to lose perspective. In fact, there are a number of factors to consider as you are looking for jobs. But when you’re in the moment or months of panic… all you can see is this:


And it pretty much blinds you from seeing anything else. Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “tunnel vision.” In particular, it blinds you from those things which you actually need to see in order to start making your way toward a job. This often happens because some of the helpful steps toward your job, don’t seem, well… very job like at first.

Block in the way

Block in the way 2

The problem is, sometimes the determination to find a job can cause us to not recognize clues, stepping stones, or topics which can help point us in the right direction.

Job pyramid 2

These of course aren’t the only things to consider. There’s plenty more. Like what you value, networks, people you know, what you need in a work environment, what you hate doing, etc.  But all of that depends on the situation.

Does that solve everything and make it all simple as pie? No. Is it a start though and more productive that freaking out. Absolutely yes.

That’s where this cartoon ends.



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